Enhance Your Life.

The new year is upon us! Many people take this opportunity to reevaluate their life. No matter what your goals or ambitions are for 2016 one thing is for sure and that is you are going to need discipline, focus, energy and people around you who support what you are up to. One way to enhance these qualities is to begin or enhance your workout routine with a functional fitness personal trainer who supports not only physical growth but mental growth as well.

Functional fitness incorporates workouts to increase real world strength. The human body is an immaculate instrument that if built right can be strong, resilient, and durable, have great endurance and most importantly be mobile. What good is being able to pick up a lot of weight if your muscles and tendons are tight and in pain all the time? What good is it to have a lot of stamina if your body begins to fall apart and hurt before you can reach your maximum potential? Mobility is crucial in the fitness industry and at Philosophically Built we specialize in increasing mobility along with strength, stamina, durability and mind body connection. One of the sayings we live by is “Mobility is youth”.

Our trainers are not only certified in functional tools such as the kettlebell, steel mace, steel club, battle ropes and sandbags but are also 200 RYT yoga certified through Baptiste yoga which allows us to incorporate form safely and effectively in every workout we perform. Our instructors also are on a path of growth themselves and are constantly going away for new innovative training and researching new techniques and methods on their free time. At Philosophically Built we are part of a worldwide movement known as ONNIT whose goal is looking to fully optimize the human body. We embody the philosophy of growth and push our own boundaries to inspire others to push their boundaries. We not only attempt to enhance our bodies but also strive to enhance our minds through creating a stronger mind body connection with challenging invigorating workouts.

The best way to grow is to surround yourself with like-minded people. We as humans are tribal animals who’s personalities, work ethic, dedication and values rub off on each other. At Philosophically Built we are in the midst of creating a powerful tribe full of people who support each other in their growth. There is a comradery that emerges between people when they are pushing towards their greatness. Each individual pushing the next as they give their energy to the group and use the energy of the group simultaneously. You find your greatness when you stand not only for yourself but for the people around you. At Philosophically Built we are a team of people pushing towards unlocking our potential. We help lift each other up even if it’s not with words. When it is time to work we work and when it is time to rest we rest. When you leave our gym you will feel accomplished, you will feel a part of a team and you will leave greater than when you arrived. Growth is not optional here, it is inevitable.

A healthy body is the path to a healthy mind. When you create a healthy body and mind and get together with other individuals who have a healthy body and mind you open up the possibility to achieve things in your life that once seemed impossible. Through a functional fitness workout routine you will soon see that you have potential that you have yet to tap into. Once you get a taste of what you can achieve when you set your mind to it you will begin to see your life transform. All of this is possible and it starts with you. It starts with you making the choice to push your boundaries physically and mentally. I know you have the capability to grow in all areas of your life but that is not enough. You are the one who has to know you can do it. This is the year to see what you are capable of if you stick to your goals. This is the year you can achieve your dreams. Be willing to put in the work, be motivated, and at the inevitable times when your motivation runs out stay dedicated and be disciplined as you admire how your life unfolds. Your future self will be glad you did.

-Blake Hickey, Owner of Philosophically Built