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Philosophically Built is a functional fitness academy that inspires peak performance by creating a more durable and mobile body in our clients while increasing their strength and cardio.
At Philosophically Built, our mission is to enhance the way your body functions by offering a high quality service with the intention to make your body more optimized and capable of taking on any situation you put yourself in.

What to Expect

When you arrive at Philosophically Built, you will first be given a one-on-one VERBAL assessment to determine your current mobility, strength, knowledge of movement as well as your level of commitment. Next, we take you through a FREE Fundamentals workout in order to get a deeper understanding about your strength, cardio, mobility and flexibility. Once the assessment is finished we will discuss what goals you have and create a custom workout plan that will lead you to success. Start your process of living a higher quality life today!

“The best time to start was 10 years years ago, the second best time to start is today.”

One Week Trial

Our Staff

Blake Hickey is the founder and owner of Philosophically Built located in Johnson City, New York. For the past seven years he’s dedicated himself to improving peoples strength, movement, flexibility and quality of life through strength training and yoga.

Blake graduated SUNY Oswego with a degree in Business and specialized in Entrepreneurship. During his time at SUNY Oswego, Blake expanded his knowledge of fitness by exploring unconventional training, strength training, running and yoga.

Blake started his professional career at Yoga Body Shop where he learned how to instruct individuals, small groups and large groups of sometimes 70 people through Baptiste Yoga. In September of 2015 Blake became an Onnit Academy Certified Coach. From that point on he has constantly increased his knowledge through more certifications from the ONNIT academy and is now an Onnit Academy Fundamentals Trainer, Steel Mace Specialist, Kettle Bell Specialist and Durability Specialist. He is currently an RYT 200 hour certified yoga instructor and will be a RYT 500 hour yoga instructor in December of 2017.

Blake has gravitated towards philosophy after he graduated college and is a self-proclaimed philosopher. He uses philosophy to guide him in helping himself and others with physical body development, nutritional coaching and life coaching.

Our Services

Team Workouts

50 minute All levels classes that use unconventional tools like the kettlebell, steel mace, steel club and battle ropes. You will enhance your functional fitness, mobility, strength and cardio and you will have fun doing it.

Personal Training

Whether a one on one session or a small group you will use a mixture of conventional and unconventional workouts with the purpose of attacking your personal, specific goals.

Athletic Performance

Specifically for High School and College athletes in order to enhance sport specific attributes depending on what sport you play. Whether you need to increase mobility, strength, stamina or certain movement patterns we give you the best possible service using the latest discoveries in the fitness industry.

Classes and Training

Team Fundamentals

This is our main class type which focuses on conditioning, strength, mobility and proper form. During the class we use our unconventional tools such as kettle bells, steel maces, steel clubs, sand bags, battle ropes and more. These classes regularly have larger groups. With larger groups comes a higher energy to help push yourself to your limit. Our coaches will make sure you do this in a safe, effective and fun way.

Individual/Small Group Training

These 55 minute semi–private personal training sessions integrate unconventional barbell training as well as a deeper understanding of unconventional techniques due to the small group setting. This small group setting is ideal for strength and muscle development while embodying a deeper knowledge of unconventional training


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